Synod Prayer Points – Request No 3

October 10, 2019

Dear Christian friends, please continue to pray for the annual meeting of the Northern Synod and the meetings of the NRCC and Pilgrim Presbyteries.

In this THIRD Prayer Letter, we ask you to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom about:

  •  The Presbytery Meetings NRCC / PPNA to be held all day Friday 25th October at Club Tropical, Lee Point Road:
    – That members gather prayerfully to listen to the Holy Spirit as we talk about important things in our church journey together
    – That we follow Paul’s call (2 Corinthians 13:11) to ‘Put things in order, listen with encouragement, agree with one another, live in peace – so the God of love and peace will be with’ all who share
    – That wisdom and good will may carry over into the Synod meeting itself.
  •  Money! – How we can find the resources we need to grow God’s mission in our ministry and raise up new generations of leaders and disciples
  •  Leaders:
       – those retired ministers we will honour
       – those in charge of keeping us on track in the best tradition of our ancestors in faith
       – those feeling God’s call to ministry in new and deeper ways
  • Those who join us from other Synods and other churches, that they:o may see our good works and glorify God
      – may know we are Christians by our love for one another

Blessings and thanks, Lee Levett-Olson
Intentional Interim PPNA Presbytery Minister / Chairperson