The Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia

Northern Synod consists of two presbyteries, the Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia (PPNA) and the Northern Regional Council of Congress (NRCC). The PPNA relates to the fifteen non-indigenous congregations across the Synod. Three of these are congregation/patrols (Tennant Creek/Barkly, East Kimberly Ministry and Jabiru). Also there are two patrols (West Kimberly and Centralian Patrol in the Centre) which do not have congregations.

The PPNA meets twice yearly, usually in March and October when all clergy and one lay representative from each congregation, travel to Darwin and meet together over a couple of days.

The committees of the PPNA are the Executive and the Pastoral Relations and Placements Committee.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia is to enable congregations to use their God-given gifts in walking with their community in the ordinate paths of life. We acknowledge our call to care for all, as water in this wide red land.

Goal 1

Help members to discover their God-given gifts,

(a) to more fully participate as God’s people in the community where they live.

(b) to better understand their place as part of the wider church.

(c) to establish and grow relationships with congregations and members of the Northern Regional Council of Congress.

Goal 2

Support congregations by

(a) offering pastoral care to congregations, with particular emphasis on those without a minister in placement.

(b) providing opportunities for professional development in worship leading, eldership and,

(c) enabling/facilitating a cross sharing of ideas between congregations.

Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Synod 


Pastor Lauren Merritt
Presbytery Chairperson
Phone: 0468 670 493


Phone:  08 8982 3400


Northern Synod Chaplains

Pastor Sarah Pollitt
St Philips College
Phone: (08) 8950 4574