Northern Synod Committees

Synod Standing Committee

The Northern Synod elects a Standing committee to deal with matters which require attention before the next annual Synod meeting.

Standing Committee consists of the Moderator, Synod General Secretary, Past Moderator or Moderator-Elect, chairperson of the Northern Regional Council of Congress (NRCC), Chairperson of the Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia (PPNA) two ministers and two lay persons from the NRCC and from the PPNA and the Northern Synod representatives on Assembly Standing committee.

The Synod can also appoint up to four other members so that the Committee has an appropriate balance of lay people and ordained ministers. A balance of female and male members is also desirable as well as representation from younger members of Synod.

Finance and Property Services Committee (FAPS)

This Committee acts as the Synod Property Board and performs the following services:

  • makes recommendations on property, insurance, financial and accounting policy;
  • reviews the accounts and budgets of the synod and all congregations;
  • arranges for the contribution by Congregations of funds for the purposes of the Presbytery, the Synod and the Assembly and other approved purposes;
  • receives and makes recommendations on applications for grants and loans;
  • manages, administers and invests the funds of the Synod, and where appropriate its entities, agencies, presbyteries and congregations;
  • arranges for the regular inspection of all property, and ensures its regular maintenance;
  • arranges suitable insurance cover for all Synod property and activities.