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Re-Imagining Faith and Theology From a Non-Western Paradigm

The Uniting Church, a predominantly western oriented
Church is increasingly becoming multi cultural where
people from non western cultures bring their faith culture
and a theology/theologies mostly influenced by western
Christendom. This seminar will resource participants
to re imagine Church and Theology from a non western
perspective. The Seminar consists of an Address by
Dr Randy Woodley followed by group discussion and a
plenary where participant will engage directly with Dr Randy Woodley. 

Frontier Services – An Exciting New Opportunity!

We have some exciting news! Frontier Services is working with the Producers of Australia’s newest travel and adventure TV series to find cast members!

That’s right, we’re looking for people to undertake a life-changing 6-day journey in the first quarter of 2021… and star on national TV! Share this with your friends, family, work colleagues and social media pals and get set for the adventure of a lifetime! BONUS: net proceeds from this award-winning TV project will support Frontier Services.

The trip,

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Uniting Women – Reshaped by COVID-19


(Originally posted on New Times Online, July 2020) 

I rose early this morning. The sun is rising over Lee Point in Darwin. The salt water laps on the sand and the curlews are still calling. There is a smouldering camp fire with an early morning billy, but most of the ‘long-grass’ campers are still rolled up in their sheets. There is a stillness, a peacefulness, a calmness, that invites reflection and remembering.

 Is it the stories of my grandmother whose life was

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