Synod Social Service Commitment

Community Services Statement

The Northern Synod endorses the Uniting Church in Australia’s commitment to the people of Australia by supporting individuals, families and communities through effective social policy, advocacy and community service provision.

The Northern Synod commits itself to strongly supporting and working with Somerville Community Services Inc, Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc., Congregations and Frontier Services. Synod believes it is important to continually explore other areas of community need.

Social Justice Statement

The Northern Synod supports the Uniting Church in Australia stance on social justice issues. We believe God brings justice to the oppressed and calls on people of faith to care for the strangers and aliens in their midst as they care for each other.

Jesus calls us to be a neighbour to those who are victims of violence, persecution, and poverty. Caring for our neighbour in need is a response to the grace of God.

Jesus reminds us that our love for him is to be expressed in our actions toward each other.

The Gospel calls us to help those who are in need including outcasts and strangers, those who are sick or homeless, and those who are in prison. Our righteousness before God is determined by how we treat these vulnerable people.

Guiding Values

We are committed to justice and have a vision of a world where people live together with care and respect.

We believe that Christians are called to bring to life God’s vision for the world, a call we can fulfill in part through social justice advocacy and providing community services to those in need.

We will fulfill the promises made to the nation by the inaugural Assembly.

Guiding Principles

We will work to uphold human rights, and the safety and well-being of all people.

We will treat all people with respect and dignity.

We will not discriminate against people and we will be culturally sensitive in our language and through our actions.

We will hope and work for a nation whose goals are guided by concern for the well-being of people everywhere