Tennant Creek and Barkly Patrol

Tennant Creek Church

Contact Details

58 Patterson Street (Stuart Highway)
Tennant Creek NT 0860

P O Box 54, Tennant Creek, NT 0861

Phone: (08) 8962 1169
Mobile:  0439 402 754
Fax: (08) 8962 1179
Email: peter.wait@ns.uca.org.au


Tennant Creek Uniting Church: Rev Peter Wait
Frontier Services Tennant Barkly Patrol: Rev Peter Wait

Worship Contact Persons:
Adrian Calyun 0458 520 794 acalyun@goggo.com.au
Anne Bates 0488 654 344 thinking.health@bigpond.com

Robert Wilson 0411 789 973 Robert.wilson@nt.gov.au

Brenda Rabadon 0432 511 689 or 8962 3277 brendarabadon@yahoo.com

Pastoral Care:
Ian Davidson 0487 634 250 teabagcreek@gmail.com


We are God’s Waterhole in the Outback, offering to all, Shelter, Shade and Life-Giving Water in the name of Christ.


Tennant Creek offers inter-active worship, where members deeply value the richness, the participation, the welcoming flavour and the meaningfulness of the worship.

Time: 9.30 am Sunday, followed by a cuppa in the Mission Hut.

Fishing for People<


Pentecost 2010

Congregation Activities and Projects

Red Dove Op Shop: Open on Saturday mornings, and thursday and Friday mornings during the Winter as is possible. Contact Karen Davison on 0487 585 889 teabagcreek@gmail.com