Rev Haloti Kailahi to commence as new General Secretary of the Northern Synod

June 12, 2018

At the Northern Synod meeting in July 2017 the leadership of the General Secretary Mr Peter Jones was strongly endorsed.
It was agreed to extend the placement of our General Secretary for one year to the end of 2018, and to ask the Synod Standing Committee to commence the task of recruiting a new General Secretary.
We continue to pray for and to appreciate the many gifts and skills Peter has exercised over the last 10 years in his role as General Secretary.

At the April 2018 meeting of the Synod Standing Committee a proposal was approved by consensus to call Rev Haloti Kailahi to the role of General Secretary of the Northern Synod – placement commencing at the beginning of December 2018.
Rev Haloti will take up his duties as General Secretary on the 14th December 2018.

Rev Haloti Kailahi and his wife Katalina have been invited to attend our Synod in October to provide an opportunity for members of Synod to meet them, and for the Synod to have an opportunity to endorse the decision of the Synod Standing Committee.

We look forward to welcoming them to the Northern Synod later in the year.