Visit of Living Letters

September 14, 2010

The National Council of Churches in Australia has invited the World Council of Churches to send an international ecumenical delegation (known as Living Letters) to visit the Indigenous Peoples of Australia from 12-17 September 2010.

The purpose of the visit is to shed light on the human rights situation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to show solidarity with the Indigenous people who feel their voices are not heard. The focus of this visit will be the impact of the Northern Territory Emergency Response.

Living Letters are small ecumenical teams visiting countries to listen, learn, share approaches and challenges in overcoming violence and in peace making, and to pray together for peace in the community and in the world. Such a team will be visiting Darwin on Friday 17 September and will be holding a Public Forum at the Harbour Room, The Anglican Cathedral, 2 Smith Street, Darwin at 12.30 pm.

A statement from the World Council of Churches  Living Letters team is now available. It calls on the Government to “reset the relationship” with Aboriginal peoples.  To read the statement click here: Living Letters Statement

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