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Kormilda College Funding Secured

Today Minister Nigel Scullion announced funding has been secured to enable Kormilda College to keep operating into 2017. The Uniting Church welcomes the Minister’s announcement as it means the excellent outcomes achieved by staff and students at the College can continue.

The Uniting Church entered into a partnership with the Anglican Church in 1989 so Kormilda College could offer secondary education to Indigenous students, especially to those who did not have this access in their home communities.

The College Board has been

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Makarrata held at Milingimbi 11-14 August 2016

The Makarrata was the vision of the late Dr Joseph Gumbula. Dr Gumbula has spent the last two decades working with the custodians of collections of art, photographs, craft and human samples collected from Milingimbi over the last century identifying traditional ownership. A significant amount of this material comes from collections of those who worked with the Methodist Overseas Mission.

Rulku Wanga Ceremony Ground at Milingimbi prepared for Makarrata.
Burial poles from the different clan nations were placed in the centre
with Stage

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Vale Deaconess Lorna Stevenson

It is with much sadness the Northern Synod advises of the passing of Deaconess Lorna Nellie Stevenson. Lorna was born on 20 June 1922 and passed away in Alice Springs on 19 September 2016.

Lorna trained as a deaconess at Rolland House in Melbourne and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Adelaide on 28 January 1960. She then worked as a field officer with the Christian Education Department of the South Australian Presbyterian church. She was

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Proposed Funding Cuts to Aged Care Funding

UnitingCare Australia has issued a press release concerning the impact of more than $2 billion on Federal Government aged care funding cuts on sick older people. The press release provides two case studies showing the effect these cuts will have on sick elderly people who live in aged care facilities.

More information on this issue and more detailed case studies are available here.

A Crucial Inquiry into the Abuse of Young People in Prison

The UCA President, Mr Stuart McMillan, together with the Northern Synod Moderator,
Rev Thresi Mauboy Wohangara and Chairman of the Northern Regional Council of Congress, Rev Djawanydjawany Gondarra have released  a statement concerning the abuse of young people in Territory prisons.

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