Covenant Relationship with Aboriginal People

Uniting Church In Australia
Northern Synod

Commitment Statement To A Covenant Relationship With Aboriginal People:

Since the establishment of the Covenant between the UAICC and the rest of the UCA in 1994, the Covenanting process has become an important and life-giving movement in the church. The relationships forming between the Congress and the non-indigenous members of the church will, given the grace of God, create a truly Australian church which sees its identity as discipleship communities in the context of the ongoing relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. It is an ongoing journey.

Humbly before God the Northern Synod recognises the goodness of the covenant relationship between indigenous and non indigenous people within the life of the Northern Synod. The Synod rejoices in the progress reached to date of the strengthening ties between the Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia (being mostly non Aboriginal Congregations) and the Northern Regional Council of Congress.

We recognise the importance of hospitality, in which we can embrace each in such a way that we are aware of and respect each other’s sensitivities. In this way we can go forward together, supporting one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Synod is committed to support the Aboriginal people’s struggle for justice, land rights, housing, education, health, employment and quality of life. Synod pledges continuing support for the Northern Regional Council of Congress and the Aboriginal Resource and Development Services to carry out their work of proclaiming the gospel and providing education and support for Aboriginal Communities.

The Synod appreciates and treasures the contribution NRCC makes to the spiritual life of the Church from their rich cultural and spiritual background.

Approved at Synod Standing Committee Meeting held on 24 November 2005.