General Secretary Synod Update 1  –  24 September 2019

Greeting friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope this note finds you well and being sustained by the Grace of God.

 Your Synod office staffs are very busy preparing for our Synod gathering this year.

Beginning with a public event on Friday evening at CDU Orange 3 Theatre, you are welcome to attend and celebrate through songs and worship service. The Moderator will be the main speaker with other participants. There will be song items and performance from some congregations.

After the event, we will share supper together so please mark it in your diary and bring the family and friends. 

Delegates and Synod members will begin their official Synod meeting on Saturday morning(26th).

The two presbyteries however will have their own meetings on Friday during the day before the evening event.

May I urge you to consider putting your name forward to represent your congregation in this year’s Synod meeting especially if you have not attended the Synod before. It will be an exciting time indeed for the Synod members to come together and share the excitement and the joy of ministries at the popular Lee Point Rd Club Resort.

I will keep posting you updates on a weekly basis between now and Synod.

For Synod members, please bring your digital mobile device if you have one so that you can access your reports and agenda on-line at the meeting on Saturday and Sunday.

We will try to upload all the reports before the Synod in our website for member’s access only.

We will only print a limited number of booklet / programs and reports so it will be very helpful for us if you let us know after the confirmation of your attendance if you need a hard copy or not. We will still print out forms for nomination, etc. Thanks for helping us and helping our world in preserving our environment.  

If you have any questions about our Synod planning, please ring the office number and speak to Lucy on 08 8986 3400.

Until Next Week,

May the Peace of the Lord be with you All.

Malo Haloti.