Yirrkala Commissioning/Recognition of Rev Orient Kuppa

November 24, 2020
Last Sunday, the 22nd November, there was a special service at Yirrkala. This was the recognition of Rev Orient Kupu as a Supply Minister at Yirrkala UCA as well as the commissioning of Pastor Graham, Pastor Sam and Pastor Teilulu for Yirrkala UCA congregation – a ministry of NRCC. The service was attended by Land Owners, various organization representatives, congregation members and the whole community.
The service was so moving and spirit-filled with the involvement of children, women, men with song and dance. The worship service was led by the Northern Regional Council of Congress Presbytery Minister Rev Jo Mar, the Northern Synod Moderator Thresi Mauboy and Yirrkala Senior Pastor Marrapulwuy Marika. NRCC Chairperson Micky Wunungmurra was an apology. Rev Dr Djininyi Gondarra was preaching on the importance of being a Servant of Jesus Christ.
Along with the Synod General Secretary, Rev Haloti Kailahi and other guests, we celebrated the great occasion with welcoming of visitors to the land. Paying our respects, and acknowledging the owners and elders past and present. We give thanks to God for calling the Yolngu people to lead their church. Everyone was treated to a beautiful lunch after the service.
Praise God!.