June 30, 2020

From the Moderator

 “12. In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. 13. I ask you, therefore, not to be discouraged because of my sufferings for you, which are your glory.” Ephesians 3:12-13

God sent Paul to preach the truth and the mystery of God that he had obtained both personally and through his fellowship even though he was a persecutor of the followers of Christ. Paul carried it out with all his heart. The Word of God that we often read and understand is the same mystery God revealed to His holy apostles and Prophets.  The word holy refers to those God honours to share the good news. Paul felt that he was the least of all saints, but he showed his humbleness as a prophet. He taught to honours only Christ.

Today in relation to the ministry of the apostles, of course it is done in and through the church. Coming out of the UCA’s anniversary, we celebrate the body of Christ with the apostles who serve as church organisers. Each has been given a special gift and responsibility to serve and guide the people to proclaim the word of God. The church must continue its service and must be able to introduce and apply the teachings that Jesus brought. They must continue to serve in active roles and be willing to overcome developments in a world that is ever changing.

In Christ,




Rev. Thresi Mauboy Wohangara,

From the General Secretary

COVID-19 Update – 25 June 2020

Greetings everyone!

Please continue to exercise good practice and judgment according to your Safety Plan in all our properties. Despite recent relaxation in movement from across the borders and self-isolation, our process will not change. Please pay attention to both Northern Territory Government and Federal Government instructions through media announcements and updates on their websites and hotline:



1800 020 080

I thank you again for acting so responsibly as we continue to worship our Living God in Jesus Christ within our communities. Stay safe and look out for each other and be kind to one another. 

If you are not sure about usage of our properties, please contact the synod office on admin@ns.uca.org.au  08 8982 3400 or Communication team to the attention of Liusem Mauboy on Liusem.Mauboy@ns.uca.org.au for clarification and further information.

In Christ,




Rev. Haloti T Kailahi