Beyond Festival – 2-5 October 2015

August 19, 2015

The Beyond Festival is a new, social justice oriented festival which will be happening in Canberra this year. With a focus on “speaking up for the poor and marginalised, creating an inclusive and compassionate community [and] genuinely caring for the environment around us”, Beyond brings together an impressive list of musicians, artists, speakers and more. With the next NCYC not happening until January 2017, Beyond provides an amazing opportunity for our young people to have a taste of the social justice oriented speakers and sessions that have so often defined a young person’s experiences at NCYCs past. Please take the time to consider who amongst your young people would benefit from time together with other inspiring young people and role models. This kind of event can refresh and reinvigorate a young person’s passion and redefine for them where their interests lie. If you can think of anyone who would benefit from time in this space and needs a little help or encouragement please connect them up with Jemma Whittaker, the Synod’s National Youth Activities Officer at or through the Synod office..