Community Educator with ARDS

January 8, 2014

Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc is an Indigenous organisation with over 25 years’ experience in capacity building and adult education. ARDS develops and delivers programs and education in partnership with communities, homelands and other service providers across North-East Arnhem Land, Darwin and other parts of the Territory. ARDS broadcasts Yolŋu Radio to 30 homelands and six communities across North-East Arnhem Land.

The areas and issues of priority that ARDS works in are language, health, law and governance, economics and social services and how these impact upon and shape Yolŋu lives.

To learn more about ARDS, what and how they work, go to The position description and key duties are available here.

If you’re interested in discussing this position and the work of ARDS, please call Natalie Bellew on 08 8984 4174/04089 070 215 or email your CV to