Safe Church in the Northern Synod

The Northern Synod Safe Church Manual aims to reduce the instances of ministry misconduct, abuse, duty of care and/or safety failures, by providing policy and procedures for Safe Church Ministry. Safe Church Ministry refers to God-honouring, person-valuing, respectful, abuse and harm free ministry.

As Gods’ church Safe Church Ministry is more than a risk management exercise or legal responsibility, rather it is an outworking of what James 1:27 calls true religion – caring for the vulnerable (widows and orphans), and an expression of what is required of all people, that is to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly before our God (Micah 6:8).

Practically, this includes the implementation of policies and procedures in the areas of due diligence and duty of care, as well as providing just and fair response processes for responding to grievances and/or allegations of ministry misconduct and/or abuse. As we establish and maintain Safe Church Ministry in our events and programs we will fulfil our biblical, ethical, denominational, risk management, insurance and legal responsibilities.

At its meeting held in June 2016, the Annual Synod Meeting approved the following policies.  As further policies and resources are finalised and approved they will be added to the website.

 . Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Abuse, including the Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy
. Privacy Policy
. Persons of Concern Policy
. Safe Leaders Policy

Child Safe Screening National Policy Framework   
2020 National Person of Concern Policy Framework  
Safe Leaders Policy 202011